Sep 282013

Spent the day in the grounds of Bowood House at the Wiltshire Game & Country Fair. Apart from spending a small fortune on his and her very smart stealth tweed shooting coats from the lovely and highly entertaining folks at Nomad UK, Barry and I watched the gundog demos very carefully to see if we could pick up some tips …….

My heart went out to the folks who put on the display. When working with highly trained animals, sometimes things go wrong. But not often do many things go awry. It can happen to anybody and what took place should not reflect badly on the trainers who, I’m sure, are capable people.

Saw Malcolm and Lynn from Lynn’s leads from whom I have now bought 7 leads! Malcolm was his usual forthright, over the top self and his language grows more colourful each time we meet. Great Yorkshire people and so good to see Lynn on the mend.

Took the dogs with me: they don’t really enjoy game fairs and being dragged through crowds on leads, but it was preferable to sitting in their kennel at home.

All in all, a good day. Just hope the new jackets prove to be a good purchase. We’ll give them a good test drive and let you know if they were worth all that money ….. I’m sure they will be: I keep relearning an old adage: you get what you pay for in life and top quality comes at a price.

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