Jun 122016

What a wonderfully organised, run and well-attended English country fête! Even HM The Queen put in an appearance on her 90th birthday and compered the main arena from her throne. Fabulous!
Lovely people, loads of stalls & attractions, packed crowds, great hospitality and my girls performed well too! With fantastic contributions and help from Andrea as dog controller, Alan on dog watch, Kim with Bee, Barry with Jess, Anne with Lettuce and Shelley with Dylan, we had a red letter day!
And then we ran and judged the fun dog show for an hour or so, with the owner + dog final relay races dissolving into the planned but hilarious chaos!
Lovely day, thank you to Firsdown & Winterslow!

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  1. We thoroughly enjoyed One Man and His Gundogs at the Firsdown and Winterslow Fayre last weekend. We have lots of dog lovers in the area (owners and non-owners). Not only was it a treat to watch his wonderful dogs at work, but it was great fun to later see lots of local dogs take part in the competitions. The sit-stay competition was incredible – clearly we have a lot of well behaved dogs around here!

    The gun dog display was fascinating, the companion dog show was very amusing and both were extremely well run.

    Thank you so much for your part in making the Firsdown and Winterslow Fayre 2016 so fabulous. I would strongly recommend One Man and His Gundogs.

  2. Thank you Emma for your lovely comments! I’m so pleased you enjoyed our performances. I thought the companion dog and handlers competitions were simply hilarious – the best we’ve ever seen!
    Please pop in and say hello if you’re at any of our future events: I’d love to thank you personally!

  3. Hi I’m sally a activities Co ordinator at a nursing in rushden just wondering about your agility classes my residents are mixed early on dementia and adults with learning disabilities I think this would be great for them.how far would you travel.also how much is the charge for a session. Be great to hear from you.

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